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Bus Rental in Ajman

Bus rental in Ajman requires many-core info for the client to be aware of. Ajman RTA is very keen to discourage transportation services provided by private transport companies without approval from the main office of Ajman Mawasalat. The permit costs AED 1950 for a normal Hiace while AED 2250 for a 30 0r 34 seater bus for six months. The bus company must have a driver from the same company apply for a pick and drop permitted. Buses that come under the luxury category and heavy buses of 60 seaters and 84 seater labour transportation buses are costing AED 3000 for the period of 6 months.

Bus rental in Ajman, there is no facility available for individual people to get a permit and there is no chance for companies with many branches to work with a single permit. For each separate company, a separate permit is required. It is also important to make a permit for the driver.

Ajman Bus Permit

Bus Rental in Ajman gets more and more complicated when you go for a school bus. It must be fully equipped with RTA recommended bus accessories. To view full info about new regulations about RTA buses in Ajman please see ” RTA New Regulations For School Buses

To visit Ajman Mawasalat official  website please click here ” AJMAN MAWASALAT

Hiace Bus Rental  in Ajman